Northern Pull Type Multi-Purpose Spreaders are available from 18’ to 50’ and are customizable to fit your business needs. Top Quality Components and World Class Craftsmanship ensure that your Northern Self Unloading Trailer will be used year round. Do you need to haul silage, shell corn, bark, sawdust, grain, poultry litter, haylage, manure, compost or any other material? Create your custom Northern Spreader to your specifications, and your business needs.

Detachable or attachable on any Hi-Lift Truck Mount or Hi-Lift Trailer.

Fill our boxes with:

  • Silage
  • Shell Corn
  • Bark
  • Saw Dust
  • Grain
  • Poultry Litter
  • Mulch
  • Haylage
  • Manure

Spreader Options Available:

Pull Type Spreaders

  • P.T.O. Hydraulics
  • Safety Chains

Truck Mount Spreaders

Semi Pull Spreaders

Spreader Scale Systems:

Nutrient Management Solutions
Record Keeping Made Simple

  • NT 460 Scale Indicator stores Lbs of manure spread with GPS location
  • Displays actual tons per acre
  • Calculate fertilizer value of your manure with scales on spreader
  • Comply with EPA and DNR CAFO regulations with application information
  • Provide evidence of conforming to USDA-NRCS’s Animal Waste Management regulations
  • Protect yourself with verification of your Nutrient Management Plan
  • Set the Ton/Acre for the operator as a target
  • Store all weight and GPS information to USB memory device and transfer to Nutrient Tracker PC Software USA or Metric Measurement

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broadcast spreader

2-Beater Vertical

2-beater vertical spreader

3-Beater Horizontal

3-beater horizontal spreader