Northern Repair and Welding has been manufacturing Commercial Grade and Agricultural Equipment for the Professional Bussiness Owner for over 30 years. Northern excels in designing and fabricating High quality, Dependable equipment that helps improve time and your bottom line.

At Northern Repair and Welding, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, versatility, and ability to stay ahead of the curve. We are honored that we can service Ringle, WI and the surrounding areas with our metal fabrication, installation, and repair service. We pride ourselves on treating every job, big or small, with attention to detail.

Northern offers many services including repairs, sandblasting, welding, painting, and custom fabrication. We mainly specialize in agriculture equipment like manure spreaders, self-unloading trailers, truck mount boxes and frac tanks, but we do more than just that! Like drop-deck and flat bed trailers, Walking Floor Trailers, Debris Boxes, End Dumps, and Special Custom Requests!